Your Safe and Secure Cottage and Home

Based on your personalized package options, MyCottageWatch will regularly check your property to make sure it is secure and nothing is out of place. With vacation cottages break-ins and vandalism are becoming more and more common and it is essential that your property is kept secure at all times... even when you are not there!. Regular property checks are the best way to give you peace of mind.

MyCottageWatch provides a watchful eye over your treasured property when you can't.

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MyCottageWatch will assess your property during each scheduled check and will provide you with a report via your chosen method of contact — phone, fax, or email. Besides checking your cottage, we will also take note of the surrounding area and alert you to any relevant changes in the neighborhood.

And don't forget, regular checks will also benefit your neighbours by deterring vandalism and crime in the area.

You can also call us anytime at: 604-885-6015