Base Cost

Each visit to your cottage, home or property is just CAN $15 plus CAN $0.08 (eight cents) per kilometer from our home office in Halfmoon Bay, BC. (Maximum mileage charge of $7.00 round trip to any location on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada.)

Additional services such as mail forwarding, lawn cutting while you are away, pool maintenance, carpentry work, landscaping etc. can be arranged and costs for these can be discussed at that time. Usually, we would charge CAN $25 per hour, (billed at 15 min. increments), but it will depend on the service requested.)

A Fictional Example

NOTE: The following is just an example. You can personalize your service to include any number of visits per month you wish.

Your cottage is located 8 km from our office and your home insurance policy states that it must not be left unattended for more than three days (72 hours is common, but check your policy.) In this case, if requested, we would check your home or cottage ten times in one month. (Once every three days!)

Base Rate: = $15/visit X 10 visits/month = $150

Total Mileage Per Visit: = 16 (8 km there and back)

Mileage Cost: = .08 (eight cents/km) X 16km X 10 visits = CAN $12.80

Total Monthly Cost: CAN $162.80

That's it!

A small price for peace of mind and protection of your investment while you are away.

"Storm Checks"

MyCottageWatch personnel monitor the local weather closely and if you have specifically requested the "Storm Check" service and a storm arises in the area where your home, cottage or property is located, we will check it (before and after if you wish) and send you a report.

NOTE: If you do NOT specifically request our "Storm Check" service, we will continue to check your cottage at the regularly scheduled times.

Create your Own Schedule of Visits

Call MyCottageWatch today and we can arrange a property check schedule that is convenient for your needs and pricing to suit your budget.

You can also call us anytime at: 604-885-6015